About the Author

cta2Gill (“Jill”) McBarnet was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. She and her Hawaii-raised husband Terry moved to Maui in 1983 where she wrote her first children’s book about whales.

With a background in both teaching and publishing in Zimbabwe, Gill has applied these skills to writing, illustrating and publishing the 14 books she has written to date. Check out her latest book, “Hoku the Seal’s Three Wishes!”



Gill draws inspiration for her stories from the people, animals and lifestyle that surrounds her,  particularly her children (Eddie, Will and Tara) who have been giving her ideas for over 30 years – since they were “tiny tots”.  Watching Mom illustrate her stories, Gill’s children were inspired to do their own “picture stories”.



From a whale who wanted to be small,  a brave little turtle,  a contrary gecko,  a bullying shark to a group of playful  “Rainbow Mermaids”, Gill has explored a variety of Hawaiian themes.  Now, she’s inspired to produce stories for the NEXT generation  and her newest book is dedicated to her first grandchild,  Max.