“Off the Record” ~ Akaku Radio

Before HC & S’s final harvest (December 2016),  Gill  was honored to join renowned Maui author Jill Engledow on AKAKU Radio’s “Off the Record” show hosted by Bill & Bobbie Best. 

A prolific writer of Maui historic books, Jill  has recently produced 2 new books:  “Sugar Days: Remembering Maui’s Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company” and “The Story of Lahaina”.  Look for Jill’s books on her website www.MauiThenAndNow.com  to check out her historic books, and find out what’s currently happening on Maui.  
Bobbie Best’s photo of the two authors with their new books. “Sugar Days” is particularly fascinating at this nostalgic time.  Following the final harvest, Maui’s Pu’unene mill symbolized the End of an Era because it was the state of Hawaii’s last mill to close down.  p.s. Also, check out Maui’s “Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum”, opposite the Pu’unene mill in central Maui!