About Us: Mother & Daughter business

Our small business is not only a female founded business, but it is run by a mother & daughter duo. Bestselling children's books author & illustrator Gill "Jill" McBarnet started the business as a new mother over 30 years ago. Gill draws inspiration for her stories from the people, animals and lifestyle that surrounds her in Hawai'i, particularly her children (Eddie, Will and Tara) who have been giving her ideas, since they were “tiny tots”.  
Watching Mom illustrate her stories, Gill’s children were inspired to do their own “picture stories” ... and now joining the family owned business! Gill's daughter Tara is doing the business development, and is excited to expand the business that her mother created! It is a dream to work together and to imagine where the characters that Tara grew up reading about will go ... from books to beyond!  Gill writes and illustrates the books on Maui, Hawai'i and Tara operates the business between Maui and New York City.
Thank you for following along! 
Gill & Tara