Rehearsals, “The Goodnight Gecko”

~Performances on the 12th & 19th December 2015~

12th: Barnes & Noble, Lahaina, Maui at 11 a.m., Call Suzi at (808) 662-1307 for details

19th: Maui Ocean Center at 11.30 a.m. Call Sandy at (808) 270-7069 for details

Here are a few snippets from rehearsals:

When Little Gecko first hatches out of his egg, he doesn’t want to come out and greet

the moon & stars because he doesn’t like creepy shadows and creaky noises…


But then Mama Gecko shows him beautiful aspects of the night, like …..


Shooting STARS that brightly shoot …


and sleepy BIRDS  settling down “…to nest in any place that they think best”