The Story so far…

book-pic1From a whale who wanted to be small, a brave little turtle, a contrary little gecko, a bullying shark, and geckos who like to play hide and seek, Gill McBarnet has explored a host of Hawaiian themes with liveliness and humor. Her stories are entertaining, comforting, amusing and interesting, and many have become best sellers in Hawaii.



THE WHALE WHO WANTED TO BE SMALL and THE GOODNIGHT GECKO are both top sellers in Hawaii ~ and for years these two titles along with The Wonderful Journey, Gecko Hide and Seek, The Shark Who Learned a Lesson and The Brave Little Turtle  ~ have been amongst the top 5 best selling children’s books in Hawaii.



Gill’s stories either have an uplifting moral or they are written in poetic form. HAPPY AS A DOLPHIN, GECKO HIDE and SEEK and  THE RAINBOW MERMAIDS OF HAWAII are examples of lively verse which is especially attractive to Preschoolers. For children in Grades K – 2nd Grade, Gill’s stories are more detailed and informative, and most of her books carry a “Did You Know?” on the back cover. Gill was an Elementary School teacher so “…I like my books to inform, as well as entertain.” Check out Gill’s NEWEST book, The Magical Journey from Hawai’i to join Koa & Kanani on a magical journey to Faraway Lands.